Papaya Turmeric Face Mask | Preservative Formula

(6 customer reviews)


Advanced Turmeric Face mask in Powder Form

Deeply Moisturizing & Rejuvenating                             

  • Cruelty-free        
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Paraben free            
  • Sulfate free
  • Fragrance free
  • Alcohol free
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NET WT 0.05 LB (25G)

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6 reviews for Papaya Turmeric Face Mask | Preservative Formula

  1. Rob

    I was mixing and mixing and I was like why it doesn’t mix but then suddenly it all hot dissolved in water idk how but that was very cool ! As far as the product it feels very good on skin

  2. Lily

    There are so much hassle specially the fact that you have to mix with water but I am very happy with the result so I think 4 star is fair

  3. shadi

    I like how I can choose the consistency makes my skin sooooo soft

  4. houda

    this is working ! my skin is becoming brighter!

  5. sally

    I personally don’t like turmeric smell but this product doesn’t bother me, I just tried it so hopefully it will brighten and remove my dark spots

  6. Hifa

    I used to always make turmeric face mask at home but when I saw the add that said preservative free I wanted tp give it a try, im in love! it makes my skin soooo soft I wished it would come with something to mix in but not a big deal

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