Matcha Face Mask | Preservative Formula

(10 customer reviews)


Advanced Matcha Face mask in Powder Form

Deeply Moisturizing & Rejuvenating

Clean at Elora Clinic 

NET WT 0.05 LB (25G)

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10 reviews for Matcha Face Mask | Preservative Formula

  1. suzi

    I’m a fan of face masks and I want to stop using sheet mask and start doing homemade one and Ii came across this brand , their face mask feels just like the fresh homemade ones and somehow it makes my skin feels very soft !!

  2. Doni

    It. Scones very creamy and somehow kinda oil when you mix with water , it did very well on my skin I’m buying the orange peel one too

  3. Julia

    In love with these ! But pls be careful not to mix all of it at once because you can’t keep it it would go bad , that’s the mistake I made the first time with the turmeric one

  4. Cristin

    I’m only giving 4 star because it’s too much too mix it and stuff I wish it was easier to use however it did very well on face and I lived the feeling

  5. Yesha

    I’m in love with these face mask , and my favorite one is the matcha , my skin felt so refresh and clean after I rinsed off

  6. neha

    smells like matcha. a lot which I like but if you don’t like matcha the smell might bother you

  7. mona

    amazing matcha mask, I like the mixing part!

  8. diandre

    Iam a fan of matcha and I got their matcha serum which was rally good so I wanted to try the mask too

  9. Alex

    the texture when you add water is like creamy but also a bit oily I realized it had coconut oil powder don’t know how they made that powder but ok , my skin feels very soft after I rinsed off overall like it

  10. Page Admin

    Love this face mask!

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