Frankincense Lift Cream | Wrinkles Prevention

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Advanced Frankincense Lift Cream | Fine Lines & Wrinkles Prevention System

Suitable for all Types of Skin 

Instant Plump                      
  • Cruelty-free        
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Paraben free            
  • Sulfate free
  • Fragrance free
  • Alcohol free
  • Silicone free
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Fill weight: 30 mL / 1 fl. Oz

Product Details 


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16 reviews for Frankincense Lift Cream | Wrinkles Prevention

  1. Shakiba

    I’ve been using this serum everyday for the past 2 weeks and my wrinkles around my eyes are much less now wish I could upload a picture here but this is like miracle !!!

  2. Helen

    Omg , this product really works , I see the reduce in my fine lines around my eyes love this 10000% would recommend it

  3. itsme

    This is my favorite serum so far ever since im using this I don’t use anything else cause I feel like I don’t need to ! best 45 dollar I spent

  4. lori

    I read the reviews and saw people talking about the instant plump and I gave it try, now I understand what they mean !! it is also a very good hydration product you wouldn’t need moisturizer when you apply this

  5. asha

    I had very high expectation when I was about to order this since its very expensive , the bottle was very cute and the product was very creamy , I haven’t see any result yet since I used it twice only but 5 star here because omgggg it does plump instantly !!!

  6. Rosa

    I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles but just bought it for it’s aging prevention , I do feel the plump and it does hydrate my skin very well

  7. Bella

    It’s been only 2 days I got this but just wanted to come here and say I used to always put moisturizer on after serum but this product has a very rich texture and I do t put on any hydrating cream because it does hydrate my skin very well

  8. Tarane

    I started using few days ago , and when you put it on it feels like it get absorbed very quick and then somehow you feel the plump love it

  9. Lean

    The product came sealed and well packed

  10. Tala

    I just received it , the bottle is super cute and the smell is very good will come back when I see results

  11. Henna

    I have some obvious lines around my lips and I feel like this product is reducing them , it’s been almost 10 days that I’m applying every night !

  12. jackyyy

    I was so scared to spend this much on this serum but love heard it actually works on fine lines so I got it , just came here to say it smells good it doesn’t smell strong like frankincense or bad

  13. patricia

    I only used it twice now and it feel very good on skin and so hydrating but im hoping it would help with wrinkles and fine lines I guess I have to wait longer to see actual result

  14. lily

    I have been using this almost 2 weeks now and I realized its reducing my fine lines around my eyes I wish we could upload picture here but this actually works!!!!1

  15. shirin

    This is the best anti aging serum I’ve tried!!!!

  16. sarah

    I’ve tried many frankincense anti-aging product but this one is different I started noticing the effect after 2 weeks, also its very moisturizing will defiantly buy again

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