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At Elora Clinic, we have more than 30 products (Simple formula, Advanced and Treatments) for all types of skin. Our brand philosophy is designed to include important ingredients in a single product to directly address the benefits of specific ingredients to your skin. To better assist you with your skincare concern and to find the best products for your needs, please fill out the short application form below to the best of your knowledge before purchasing our products, and our specialist will provide you with a very specified skincare routine, including all the ingredients your skin possibly needs that is suitable for your skin type and concerns.


Natural rose body butter

One of the most loved Body Butters | Rose Body Butter

What is a rose extract?

Rose extract is a liquid extract obtained by extracting the essential oils and other components of the rose plant’s petals, leaves, and stems. It is mainly helpful in perfumery for its aromatic properties.

Elora Clinic Rose Water Body Butter
Elora Clinic Rose Water Body Butter

Though rose extract has been useful for centuries in various cultures, it was not commercially available until 1843 when Pierre-Joseph Pelletier and Joseph-Bienaimé Caventou discovered it. In ancient times, the rose extract was useful in many cosmetic and medical preparations to treat diseases such as wrinkles, skin discoloration, and ichthyosis. Recently, the extracts have been used in formulations to treat hair disorders like greasy hair and dandruff. Some people also use the rose extract for its fragrance and astringent properties.

Rose extract benefits for skin 

Extracting rose petals can be beneficial for your skin. Although rose extract is not a topical product, it can provide some soothing benefits for the skin that is impossible with most topical products.

With increased stress levels, engagement, and social media use, our epidermis is exposed to external factors that harm the quality of our skin and its elasticity. The rose extract helps the cells to regenerate and rejuvenate the superficial layers of your epidermis, which makes it more supple and nourished.

The extracts from these flowers contain polyphenols with antioxidant properties that help in fighting against free radicals from environmental pollutants in the atmosphere, such as ozone or ultraviolet rays. Rose extract is often used as a skincare ingredient but has many other benefits, like helping the body regenerate.

Elora Clinic Frankincense lifting cream
Elora Clinic Frankincense lifting cream

Roses are primarily helpful for skin care because of their anti-inflammatory properties. The rose extract also provides anti-aging benefits to the skin and can help with acne and eczema.

The rose water in toners and cleansers can help hydrate the skin. The rose extract is also helpful in treating scars and stretch marks that are associated with pregnancy.

Rose Extract main skincare products

Rose extract is a type of plant oil extracted from the petals of the Rosa species. It is a common ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products.

The rose extract has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions, including burns, scars, and wrinkles. Ingredients that contain rose extract have anti-inflammatory properties and are known to help increase collagen production in the skin.

Natural rose body butter

In recent years, natural products have become a trending trend in the market. Natural products are more important than ever because they help to protect the environment and reduce one-time costs. Here are some of the key benefits of natural rose body butter for your skin:

Natural rose is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, making it an excellent treatment for dry skin. Rose also helps to improve skin elasticity by providing moisture. It is also full of essential fatty acids that are beneficial for the health of your heart and brain cells.

It doesn’t contain any sulfates or parabens – just pure nutrients that will nourish and hydrate your skin all day while helping you stay fresh, clean, and healthy.

It’s perfect for sensitive skin as there was no animal testing, so there is no risk of allergic reactions or chemicals entering your system.

Different types of body butter

Body butter is a cream-based moisturizer with high-fat content for treating and maintaining dry skin. It is often referred to as an emollient.

There are many different types of body butter, depending on their ingredients. For instance, some are made with oils and nutrients like cocoa butter and shea butter, while others have waxes as ingredients. The body butter also differs depending on its moisturizing properties – it can be water-based or oil-based, and it can be greasy or non-greasy. In addition to this, they can also come in forms like lotion or body scrub that may be more tailored to specific needs like dry skin and scalp care, respectively.

Body butter with Natural butter and oils 

Natural body butter is a product that offers skincare benefits without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. It has shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and other natural oils. The natural ingredients will make the products more effective and better for your health.

What are some of the benefits of Natural Body Butter?

Skin care: it moisturizes dry skin and helps keep your skin looking smooth and healthy

Healthy for you: it has a balanced pH, so your skin doesn’t need to be treated with harsh acids or scrubs.

Fights acne: when applied on the problem areas of your face, Natural Body Butter can help clear up blemishes

Elora Clinic Matcha serum
Elora Clinic Matcha serum

Anti-aging properties: it penetrates deep into the skin so you can get long-lasting benefits

Advanced body butter 

Advanced body butter is a pleasing, luxurious, and healthy alternative to lotion that feels great on your skin.

The formulation is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to add moisture to the skin. Along with these nutrients, it has grapefruit, green tea, pomegranate, and lavender notes. The product also includes shea butter which provides hydration, and allantoin, which repairs damaged cells.

The Advanced Body Butter softens chapped skin while nourishing it with antioxidants and nutrients. These advanced body butter are formulated with the following: 

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar compound derived from the glycosaminoglycan known as hyaluronan. It is essential for maintaining moisture levels in the skin and has many benefits for various areas of the body, including lips.

Hyaluronic acid is a topical moisturizer for different health conditions and will improve wound healing time. It exists in various products, such as creams, oils, and serums. The eye area is one of the most common places where it’s applied because it’s proven to help prevent wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and dry skin. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in humans, has been discovered to be a significant source of antioxidants. As an excellent moisturizer and anti-aging ingredient, hyaluronic acid has become one of the most effective treatments in skin care products.

The function of hyaluronic acid:

• It’s an excellent moisturizer

• It’s an anti-aging agent

• It fights inflammation

The use cases of hyaluronic acid:

• Excellent moisturizer to stop aging and prevent wrinkles/spots on the skin.

• Effective treatment for sunburns/sun exposure

Elora Clinic Oil free serum
Elora Clinic Oil free serum


Squalene is a naturally occurring lipid found in the outer layers of sharks. Scientists use it for various medical and research purposes.

Squalene is an essential molecule from the lipid family. It has been useful as a pharmaceutical drug in humans for a long time. Still, recently, scientists have started to investigate its potential use as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent in cosmetics.

Squalene is also known for its immunostimulatory properties. It seems to increase T-cells, which reduces the risk of infection after immune-suppressive drugs like cortisone and radiation therapy test on patients with cancer or HIV/AIDS.

Squalane can be extracted from human sebum using chemical methods such as hydrolysis or extraction with acids or organic solvents such as alcohols or ethers. In contrast, the other lipids can be extracted with organic solvents such as chloroform, dichloromethane, or ethyl acetate.

Black seed oil 

Black seed oil is an organic, homemade skincare remedy that has been in use for centuries. It is a natural extract from the black cumin seed and has been traditionally used to treat skin diseases like acne breakouts and eczema.

It may be surprising that this simple remedy can bring out the best in your skin. Black Seed Oil can help improve the quality of your skin in many ways. For example, it helps regulate sebum, clear up inflammation, heals damaged skin cells, neutralizes dangerous free radicals, and even reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. The oil also helps with dryness by blocking the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone involved in hair loss and hormonal aging.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a compound that has multiple functions in the human body, such as helping to prevent cell damage and lipid oxidation. It also plays a vital role in the overall health of the skin.

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties. This can be derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids in various vegetable oils, seeds, grains, and nuts. These polyunsaturated fatty acids provide vitamin K2 or alpha-tocopherol molecules to the body.

The polyunsaturated fatty acid molecule provides a molecular platform for vitamin K2 or alpha-tocopherol molecules to bind with other molecules to exert their antioxidant quality and prevent cell damage.

Elora Clinic Chocolate Body Butter
Elora Clinic Chocolate Body Butter


The benefits of rose extract for the skin are among the most popular topics in the beauty industry. Because of this, there are several advantages to using it on your skin.

For people in colder climates, the rose extract is a cure-all for keeping their skin healthy. The extract has natural healing properties that help with dryness, wrinkles, and acne problems.

The best way to use rose extract is as an all-over facial and body treatment. Because it can help with anti-aging, sun protection, pigmentation, and scarring (among other things). Rose Body Butter is a natural product that has been used for centuries and is still popular today.

As we live increasingly in an urban setting, our skin undergoes a lot of change with pollution, stress, and climate change. Rose Body Butter helps to care for your dry or sensitive skin. It can help cleanse your pores, moisturize the skin and remove dead cells. It also can soothe minor irritations on the skin, such as redness or itchiness.

Rose body butter has existed since ancient times because of its unique properties. The rose water in these body butter is good for your skin as it helps to detoxify, moisturize and repair cells at a cellular level.

Frequently asked questions 

How often should one use natural rose body butter?

Natural rose body butter can be used for different purposes. It can soothe dry skin, reduce inflammation, and hydrate the skin.

Using natural rose body butter daily is better, but it is unnecessary.

What are the benefits of using natural rose body butter?

The benefits of using natural rose body butter are the same as those of a high-quality, professional-grade body cream. They include moisturizing, nourishing, and hydrating properties.

Natural rose body butter is also known to have anti-aging properties that help keep skin firm and supple. It can also be a preventative measure against dryness and wrinkles.

What are the ingredients in a natural, rose-scented body butter?

Body butter is a popular skincare product that can be important in many ways. They can be a moisturizer or a treatment for dry skin. This product type usually contains natural ingredients that make the skin feel soft and smooth.


– Shea butter

– Sweet almond oil

– Vitamin E oil

– Rose water

What is the difference between body butter and lotion?

Body butter is a thick, rich cream that typically moisturizes the skin. It can also be helpful for other purposes, including as a make-up base. Body butter does not have the same consistency as lotion, which is more watery and thinner.

The consistency of both products can summarize the difference between body butter and lotion. Body butter has a thicker texture than lotion and is usually useful as a moisturizer for dry or mature skin. It can also be used in other ways, such as as a make-up base or eye cream. Lotions are more watery than body butter, and they’re usually applied to the skin regularly to provide hydration, especially during dry weather or when your skin needs extra hydration because of certain conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

What are the uses of body butter?

Body butter is an essential skincare product for many people. It keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, which helps in preventing dryness, flaking, and itchiness.

The uses of body butter include:

-Moisturizing the skin

-Providing nutrients to the skin

-Preventing dryness, flaking, and itchiness

-Encouraging collagen production

-Protecting against environmental factors like UV rays

How can body butter be used to treat skin conditions?

The use of body butter has been around for a long time. It provides natural moisturizing, hydration, and nourishment to the skin. It can be used on the face as well as the body.

Body butter contains natural ingredients like essential oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, etc. These ingredients are rich in nutrients that help treat skin conditions and make it healthy.

Besides body butter for skin care, they can also use it in other ways, like hair and nail care.

What are the benefits of having a skincare routine?

Skincare routines are essential to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. They can also prevent the skin from aging and help with skin issues such as acne and rosacea.

Skincare routines can also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by helping you achieve a balanced lifestyle. They can also prevent aging by keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized, and healthy.

The following are some of the benefits of having a skincare routine:

– Maintaining your health by achieving a balanced lifestyle

– Preventing signs of aging

– Helping your skin stay hydrated, moisturized, and healthy

What are the health benefits of eating vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a nutrient that is essential for maintaining good health. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Vitamin E will aid in preventing the adverse effects of aging on the skin and hair. It also helps to combat dry skin, brittle nails, and dandruff.

What are some of the different sources of vitamin E?

There are many sources of vitamin E, but the most common ones are:

– Seeds

– Vegetables

– Fruits

– Nuts and seeds

– Green tea

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid plays a vital role in the body by retaining moisture and nutrients. It exists in the skin and joints, which are two places where it is most needed.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid include:

– lubricating the joints to reduce pain

– providing hydration to the skin

– making sure that collagen production is normal

How effective are hyaluronic acid treatments?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin that helps to bind moisture to the skin. It has been used in skincare products for decades and is effective at providing hydration.

There are various hyaluronic acid treatments, some more effective than others. These treatments can help through different methods, including injections and creams. 

Can I use hyaluronic acid for my acne?

The short answer is yes, you can use hyaluronic acid for your acne. The long answer is more complicated.

First of all, before you rush to the store to buy a hyaluronic acid serum or cream, it’s essential to understand that many different types of hyaluronic acids do not work the same way. For example, the most common type of hyaluronic acid used in skincare products is sodium hyaluronate (also known as HA). Sodium hyaluronate is effective in reducing inflammation and improving skin hydration. However, it doesn’t have any effect on acne lesions or pimples. In contrast, a more powerful type of hyaluronic acid called poly-D-glutamic acid (or PHA) will reduce inflammation and help with acne lesions and pimples by penetrating the skin’s surface layers where they are needed most.

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