Magic Powder Facial Mask Collection

How to Use Magic Powder

Our Magic Powder | Facial Mask Collection is beauty salons’ favorite product for facial treatments. These face masks come in powder form, and they are all preservative-free. Only 5-10% of these products are made of different types of clay or kaolin, including aloe vera, coconut oil powder, and rice powder. Elora Clinic’s magic powder facial masks are designed to be mixed with water prior for extra freshness and maximum effect. You can take the desired amount for each application and mix it with water until it reaches your desired consistency, and then apply it on your skin. Avoid around your eyes and rinse off when the mask starts getting dry. We have launched three different facial masks, which are 

  1. Magic powder | Advanced Orange Peel + Vitamin C Facial Mask | Antioxidant & Brightening
  2. Magic Powder | Advanced Matcha Facial Mask | Antioxidant & Detoxifying
  3. Magic powder | Advanced Turmeric Facial Mask | Antioxidant & Brightening

All the products are free from fragrance, sulfates, formaldehyde, paraben, and cruelty.