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Best Lip Plumper

woman with pink lipstick


What is the best lip plumper?

Best lip plumper 

Why do lips matter so much in beauty – Best Lip plumper 

Best lip plumper – Before answering the question “best lip plumper,” let’s review why it’s essential to find the best lip plumper. Beauty has been redefined multiple times across the decades of the 20th century bleeding into the 21st century. From women like Katharine Hepburn introducing full lips as feminine features carried by Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, Naomi Campbell established herself as a demanding model for her incredible features and full lips. Women like Jennifer Lopez carried on influential families like the Kardashians. Full lips are here to stay and not leaving anytime soon. Makeup artists all around the globe have been practicing over-lining lips with lipstick and pencil liner to achieve a fuller look. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this practice avoids needlework that increased in the United States from 1.8 million in 2010 to 2.6 million in 2016. 

Fuller lips bring confidence in women. 

Fuller lips have been granting women a decisive change in appearance and the ability to seduce. For this reason, lipstick, lip liners, and lip plumpers alone have been the best makeup products worldwide. This is why most girls who choose lip plumper over lip injection are constantly looking for the best lip plumper in the market. 

What does research tell us about the effect of lips on beauty? 

It has been proven by research and dermatologist that a happy face is always. More attractive to both men and women. the most critical element in creating a happy face is lips. Lips are essential in expressing feelings as much as eyes, if not more. 

Newest research about the shape of the lips 

One of the newest research done by doctor Steve Dayan says if the upper corner of the lips looks fuller, the overall expression of the face is more likely to be considered a happy face. This can prove why most women find it more beautiful to inject their upper corner than other areas of the lips. This study suggests all cosmetologists aim for an upper corner when injecting for fuller lip results; however, this depends on the original shape of the lips too. 

Lips Anatomy

best lip plumper

Lips constantly lose moisture when water is lost; plump, youthful cells become dry and shriveled. Daily habits such as smiling, pouting, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, dry air, sun exposure, and even gravity all contribute to the deformation and alter the natural shape of your lips. The skin on your lips is thinner than other body parts. The skin of the lips has three to five cellular layers. The lip skin does not have sweat glands, so it does not have the usual protective layer of sweat and body oils that keep the skin smooth and inhibit pathogens

What is lip plumper? 

Lip plumper products are in the form of lip plumper gloss or other names. They give you fuller lips without injection after applying the product to your lips. 

We have all heard about lip plumper, lip volumizing, lip injections, aesthetic lip treatments, volumizing lip gloss, lip maximizers, extreme lip injections, lip plumping glosses, and all other lip plumping-related products that will give your lips plump and a fuller look. If these lip plumpers work out, why do people still do lip injections? to answer these questions, let’s talk about the science behind these lip plumper and how they work. 

The science behind Lip plumper 

Lip plumper increases lips’ volume by using chemical or natural irritants known to increase the blood flow to your lips or boost hydration, thereby drawing water towards the lips. Both methods create a swollen and plump effect and enhance the lips’ natural color and shape by increasing circulation.

Many beauty companies have researched chemicals or irritable to use in lip-plumper products, and every once in a while, there is a new lip-plumping product with a new formulation. However, they all use the same method and science to plump the lips. 

Lip plumper has three main parts :

  1. Base 
  2. Moisturizer 
  3. Plumping agent 


The base of the lip plumper can be any lip gloss base or lip moisturizer base. If it is a small company, they usually buy the base from chemical companies and the chemical to the bases. But if it’s a big beauty company, they usually develop a new base suitable for the lip plumper primary agent. 


Most plumping agent in the lip plumper makes the lip’s skin dry and irritant, so chemists must develop a formulation that includes minerals, vitamins, and moisturizer to keep your lips moist and avoid dryness. This part of the formulation is the same decibel and depends o r be budget and how advanced the lip plumper is. If you are a chemist, you can use anything you want to make your lip plumper, more effective, and fancier. However, one thing to remember is that whatever you include in the formulation must go well with your plumping agent and base. 

Lip plumper agent 

This is the essential element of the lip plumper. There are so many chemicals you can use. This part depends on how far the chemists want to go. Sometimes they research for years to develop an advanced lip plumper agent that works perfectly. However, there has yet to be a product in the market that has a result as good as lip injection. 

History of lip plumpers

The history of lip plumper goes way back. We can’t see exactly what the first lip plumper product that hit the market was, but some have tried different methods to avoid lip injections. We can categorize the history of lip plumper development into three sections : 

Irritant ingredient 

One of the oldest methods is using menthol as a lip plumper agent. Menthol or mint can irritate the skin, cause an increase in blood circulation and turn the lips red. When you apply menthol on your lips, the overall lips turn red, and the corners will make your lips look a bit bigger. However, this effect is concise and temporary. Plenty of other ingredients or chemicals have the same effect as menthol and have been used in much different lip plumper. One of the best examples is the famous TikTok lip plumper called Doral. 

Lip plumper device 

Have you ever stuck your lips in small cups, and after you took them out, your lips were a bit more swollen? This method became very popular, and they patented a device that works just like those cups. This device sucks on your lips, bringing all the blood into your lips and making them swallow. When this product came out, it was fascinating for the customer, but soon, the hype sided caused people to realize it’s probably not a safe or good idea to make your lips swollen to make them look bigger. 

Advanced technology 

Some very advanced technologies have created plumping agents for lip plumpers, such as peptides that penetrate through the lips or different forms of hyaluronic acids, or just new molecules that would do the job. One of the most famous ones is toofaced lip injection or Rhode peptide lip gloss. Even though these companies spend a lot of money and time researching and developing new advanced molecules or peptides to make lip fuller, they still need the desired result. Also, there have been many reviews on too-faced lip injections claiming they caused an allergic reaction or extreme skin irritation. 

How does too-faced lip injection work? 

Even the best lip plumper always causes skin irritation. 

So lip plumper can be formulated in 2 main ways :

  1. Use an active ingredient that causes skin irritation. 
  2. Use an active ingredient such as peptides to penetrate and enhance collagen production in lips. 

Skin irritation

Most lip plumpers use an ingredient that causes skin irritation, but why ? the main reason is that the lip anatomy is way different from all other parts of your skin. The blood vessels in your lips or the capillaries are much closer to the epidermis; as a result, it is straightforward to use a chemical and cause irritation in your lips which will result in more blood circulation and give your lips that swollen looks that cosmic companies refer to “plump” and that’s why they call it lip plumper. They usually use HA OR other peptides, but the irritation is the main reason that makes your lips plumper. The effect of these lip plumper is concise, and it comes with a burning and tingling feeling. Most of the time, if the product goes around the lips or on your skin, it can cause severe irritation, but sadly cosmetic companies refer to that as an allergic reaction. However, it would help if you understood the difference between skin irritation due to having a chemical on your skin and skin allergy. Ingredients like Benzyl peroxide in every lip plumper act as an active compound to irritate your lips and increase blood circulation, resulting in a very short and temporary redness and minimal swollen look. 


Even though the top layer of your lips is skinny, which makes penetration much easier, HA and most lab-made peptides aren’t able to penetrate in a scene where they would plump your lips and make any changes in the shape of your lips.

Do best lip plumper work?

The answer to this question is simple but not precisely yes or no. Some don’t have immediate result cause they claim it takes time for the peptides or the hyaluronic acid to build up in your lips and makes them fuller. However, there has yet to be much success won’t those products. The truth is if you want a more permanent way to make your plops plumper, the injection is the best; however, it has many side effects. If you want a more temporary way of having fuller lips lip plumpers are the best way. 

How to choose a lip plumper 

Before you choose what lip plumper to use, make sure you go through all the ingredients and check if you are allergic to any of them. Because the lip plumper is irritating, most of those ingredients that irritate the skin can cause a severe allergic reaction

Four essential tips when using a lip plumper 

  1. Check the ingredients and ensure you are not allergic to them. 
  2. Please ensure you only apply the lip plumper on your lips, and it doesn’t go anywhere on your face, especially your eyes. Take this very seriously because lip plumper has an irritation ingredient that causes severe allergic reactions or irritation anywhere on your skin and eyes. 

Make sure you keep these profits out of reach of children. There have been many reports that the mom applied the lip plumper and kissed their baby, and they had to go to the hospital for special care. 

  1. Always keep the top close. Most of those plumping agents that do the main job in a lip plumper are not stable molecules, and the air can change their structure. So make sure you keep it somewhere safe, not too warm or too cold, and too always close. 

Can I make lip plumper at home ?!

If you don’t want to be like other girls constantly looking for the best lip plumper, then the answer is yes, only if you want to make something to irritate your lips and cause redness and swollen look, just like most lip plumper you buy from the store. There is the ingredient you can add to your lip gloss to create one: 

  1. peppermint oil
  2. red pepper oil/extract
  3. wasabi extract
  4. cinnamon oil 

Elora Clinic

How does ELORA CLINIC non-injectable lip filler work?

At ELORA CLINIC, we have studied lip plumper formulation, lips anatomy, and penetration through lips cells and formulated a patent-pending product with a new penetration technology and effect on lips that the result is immediate and just like injectable lip fillers. This product has minimal irritation and has been formulated without HA, like most lip plumper. Our lip filler is colorless and only formulated to give your lips a fuller look. You can apply the product, leave it on for a few minutes, and then apply your lipstick/lip gloss. This lip filler is %100 safe and can be applied frequently. The impact on the size of the lips in the long term, and you will see such a difference in your lip size even without applying the product in about two weeks of applying the product every day.

Best lip plumper in the market and reviews 

Best lip plumper in the market and reviews 

There are a few lip plumper that went viral on social media and soon became very popular. There have been many disappointing results among those lip plumper because they had a different result than the videos that went viral. Why is that? Let’s go through each of them and reveal the secret behind marketing!  

TikTok famous lip plumper 

How does TikTok‘s famous lip plumper work? 

A lip plumper became famous through TikTok, and you would see videos of women applying it with crazy, unbelievable results. The truth is non of those results were accurate. This lip plumper is a patent product that uses ginger as a leading plumping agent isn’t the formulation. The company came up with the idea that ginger irritates lips and makes them red, so they patented a formulation that includes ginger perfume. If you rub ginger on your lips, it will have the same result as this product .so why were there some crazy, unbelievable videos? The truth is irritating your lips can be boosted if you keep applying the product quickly. For example, if you rub the ginger on your lips for 20 mins straight, your lips will be very swollen. So that influencer would apply the product in the video, keep applying it over and over for a crazy result, and then film it again. Is that a good idea? Not. It causes severe irritation on your lips and is not safe or healthy. The company that patented using ginger in lip plumper is selling those lip plumper I’m with a private brand on Alibaba, so any private brand cause order that formulation in their packaging. 


Too faced extreme lip injection is one the most famous and best-selling products t in Sephora. They created an advanced molecule that would absorb H2O from any environment and keep them around, making them go bigger. Simply put, that molecule you put on your lips absorbs the moisture that exits into your lip’s skin. When those molecules become more extensive, they make your lips look more prominent.

Toofaced lip plumper experiment

 There is a fascinating experiment you can do with this product. Apply a little bit of the product on your hand 

Make sure your hand is completely dry. Wait for a few minutes, and you will see nothing would happen. The web on your finger and rub the wet fiber gently on top of the product on your arms, and you will see the errs of your arm that includes the product on top of it will start going red, and you will get the irritation. What’s happening is that you are activating the plumping agent of the product by adding an H2O molecule. Toofaced extreme lip injection is not a safe Pepsi t due to the strong chemical in the lip plumper. There have been so many lawsuits against that product. Also, the result could be more impressive, and many women found the product t not even working and just burning to the posit that they had to take it off. 

Three essential things to do if you are using any lip plumper 

Three essential things to do if you are using any lip plumper 

Keep your lip plumper on you. 

The effect of most lip plumper is temporary and can be as short as 10 minutes. When the effect is gone, your lips will return to their standard size. If you are going to a party, you should always keep it with you and reapply! 

Keep your lips hydrated. 

Lip plumper commonly irritates and dries out your lips, mainly if you use lip plumper frequently. Lip plumper hurts your lips after prolonged use. For that reason, most lip plumper has some moisturizer in the formulation to keep the lips hydrated, such as coconut oil. However, please do a little extra and use lip masks or hydration lip glosses. 

Keep the product somewhere safe. 

Lip plumper uses irritating solid chemicals, which are not stable. As a result, you should pay attention to the expiration date and directions on the bottle. Some lip plumper needs to be refrigerated, and some only need to stay away from direct Sun. 

Increasing blood circulation in lips with a lip plumper 

Lips skin is much more different than other parts of your skin. The top layer on your lip’s skin is skinny, and the blood vessels are very close to the surface. Because the top layer is skinny, the penetration to your lips is much more accessible than other parts b of your skin. Whatever you put on your lips can easily penetrate through and get to your blood vessels. Ingredients in lip plumper can quickly get to the blood vessels and affect them. That’s how the main ingredient can penetrate and increase blood circulation. 

How does blood circulation make your lips plump? 

Increasing blood circulation in your lips is the main key for lip plumper. Certain ingredients would increase the blood circulation in your lips and make them redder. The color change will make you think that your lips got bigger, but they just got red. The most common ingredient responsible for increasing blood flow in your lips is benzyl nicotinate or menthol. 

Lip injection or lip plumper? 

Lip injection or lip plumper?

Lip injections are the more permanent solution if you want bigger lips. However, they come with many side effects, and sometimes the result could be more desirable. Lip injections can cost way more than buying lip plumper. The Lip plumper effect usually is temporary because the increase in blood circulation only stays for a few minutes if you don’t reapply. Choosing between lip plumper or lip injection depends on many factors, such as : 

Your budget 

Lip injections can cost much more than purchasing a lip plumper. Since you are injecting chemicals into your lips, there will be other sessions that you need to revisit the doctor or redo or even dissolve if you don’t like how your lips look like.

Beauty goals

It depends on what your goal is. Some women might have smaller lips and look for more permanent changes in their faces. In that case, lip injection is more suitable for them. But if you want to have a bit more plump lips occasionally, then lip plumper is a better choice. 


Patience plays a crucial role in any beauty journey, especially lip plumping! If you choose lip injection, you must know some responsibilities that come with it. Your body might react to the chemicals, and there will be sessions to visit the doctor afterward. It’s not just going to the doctor once and getting your lips one forever. Dissolving it can be painful, and you must tolerate purple lips for a few weeks until it fully dissolves. 



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